A film by Conor Woodman


True Appaloosa is an adventure story set in the wilds of Central Asia. An Appaloosa Horse breeder, Scott Engstrom, from California, goes in search of the original horses that might have started the breed.


Scott Engstrom is a life long dedicated breeder of Appaloosa horses – a hardy North American breed known for its colourful spotted pattern. Scott has long believed that the true source of the North American Appaloosa horse was Asia and not Europe as the history books would have you believe. Then one night watching her TV, she saw a horse that looked like an Appaloosa in Kyrgyzstan. She contacted the producer of the show, Conor Woodman, and convinced him to return with her to Kyrgyzstan to find that horse and prove that Asia was the source of the True Appaloosa. But in Kyrgyzstan they discover that Soviet occupation has all but destroyed the indigenous horses like the one Scott saw on TV. Their only option is to go in search of a lost valley, long considered inaccessible. Until now.


True Appaloosa

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